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Clarksville, IN Once Upon A Child Kids' Clothing Store

Hello Kentuckiana.  What a big journey it has been.  It's been a bit since our family joined the community of Kentuckiana and began operating Clarksville Once Upon A Child.  However, we didn't formally announce the change due to our initial commitment.  It takes a while for a store of this kind to make meaningful and noticeable changes and without it, ownership change really doesn't have any meaning.  So we thought we'd slowly get to know the community and make our introduction and announcement when we feel that the store has become the local mom and pop store responsive to the local needs as we intended it to be.  And now, it's finally time to say Hi.

There are many of you whom I've shared my story with already and this may be a bit redundant.  But this is our way of saying "Hi" to those who we may have missed.  Our family's from California.  I grew up in the hottest civilized region in the United States called Palm Springs, CA.  Met my wife Elisha in San Francisco during my internship and lived briefly in Central California where life is a lot like Kentuckiana (they listen to country music) as it is prosperous with the agriculture industry.  Like any other professionals in their mid-level crisis, I grew weary of healthcare and Elisha was looking to join the workforce after having been stay-at-home Mom for 16 years.   

We were quite devoted to our children and Once Upon A Child quickly became the business of our choice among hundreds we've looked into.

It is environmentally friendly to the core and sharing items one had loved with another human being seemed to be so compatible with the Christian teaching.  One rarely gets to do the work which allows one to practice what one preaches and in that we are quite blessed. 


Of course, when we actually got involved with running the store, we had quickly realized that this store is more than just a great concept.  When a father is grateful that he's able to afford to change the wardrobe for his 3 daughters every season because of this store, an old lady stops by to pick up some winter coats for the neighbor kids who were playing in the snow wearing yester year's coat that's too tight for their growing body, when a young lady in 20's purchases bag full of clothes, not for her nieces and nephews, but for strangers in Tennessee mountains who were fire victims, we quickly realized that this store has an important place in this community and it is part of the very fabric that makes up the character of the community it serves.

And please remember that this store is here for you.  So talk to us.  If you'd like to see some changes, we are all ears.  You are just as much a part of this store as we are.  And we are working hard to make this store work for everyone.  

To Be Continued...




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